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If our families don’t feel safe in our community, they will leave. That will be the beginning of our decline. We can’t let this happen and I will work to make sure it doesn’t.


As my brother and sister-in-law, both veteran police officers, say – if police officers don’t believe they are supported by their city councils and mayors, they leave. If I’m a member of City Council, I’ll make sure they receive the support they so richly deserve.


Law enforcement is paramount to a growing, successful community.  


After securing the safety of its citizens, the most fundamental service a city provides is quality infrastructure -- especially safe, convenient roads and bridges. These, along with updated thoroughfares, are critical as our city and its traffic flow grows.


When our folks pay their taxes, they expect this in return.


As a former general manager of a health clinic, I understand how local small businesses create jobs, pay taxes, and support and strengthen our community.


They have  been placed at a terrible disadvantage by the state-imposed COVID-19 restrictions. As a City Council member, I will do everything I can to see they get the help they need to weather this storm. I also want  to see local regulations reduced that would promote new and expanding businesses using free-market solutions rather than government mandates to control private markets. 


I run almost every day. My family and I are out in one of our parks every week. Our outdoor spaces are very important to me and they are the investment that draws people and, ultimately, businesses to Colorado Springs.


General Palmer chose to put his Fountain Colony (Colorado Springs) at the foot of Pikes Peak primarily because of the beauty of the area. We must protect and enhance this gift, passed on to us from Colorado Springs's founding fathers.

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